Carnations Flowers

Roses may be rich in beauty, carnations are no less. They are also known by its scientific name, Dianthus. According to Greek Mythology, they are also known as the "Flowers of Gods", thus making them auspicious and prosperous for any special celebration. They are a symbol of love, fascination and distinction.
Just like other flowers, one can express their emotions and its intensity to the other person based on its variety of colors, such as, light red carnations- admiration, dark red- intense love, pink- gratitude and white- purity and luck. However, in general, carnations symbolize a woman's love.
They also come in striped pattern and other colors like green, purple and yellow. They can be a perfect gift as the bloom of these flowers last for longer period in comparison to others. Carnations are ideal for Mother's Day to be gifted to your mother.
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