Grand Mauve

Grand Mauve

[SKU: FNU12380]

Here is a delightful wicker container course of action of 14 pink roses, 3 white roses and 6 purple orchids that will most likely portray and show the outflow of adoration and fondness



  • Glass Vase

  • Red Wine

  • Greeting Card

  • Rocher Ferrero Chocolate (24 pcs)

  • Teddy Bear (18 inches)

  • Cadbury Celebration (165 gm)

  • Champagne

  • Rocher Ferrero Chocolate (16 pcs)


Products ordered do not include a vase, flower basket or container unless otherwise stated. Seasonal availability of certain individual flowers may vary from those illustrated. Price above includes delivery charge but excludes relay fee. Our florists may substitute flowers and sundries for a suitable alternative, similar in style, quality and value depending on availability.

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